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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Playground Fun

It seems we do things as a family every Saturday. We usually leave the house, whatever we decide to do. This is my husband's thing. If he does not have anything planned for the day - he must do something other than hang out in the house all day. Me - I am totally fine hanging out in the house all day. Saturday mornings I work third shift and get off at 8:30. I usually try and take a nap some where in the day, but a week ago Saturday I had a major coffee buzz going on! I made egg and cheese biscuits for breakfast. Without anything planned for the day, we decided to go to a local school playground. It was beautiful outside.

Brandon "trying" to tackle Zach for the football.

Tire swing

Brandon and Faith are learning how to operate the "big boy & girl swings"

I took this picture because of Faith's hair and all the static.

Pretty girl

Adorable boy

After the playground, we went to Red Robin for a late lunch, early dinner. Scott had been quoting lines from some old 80s movie all day to me that he was SURE I had seen. It was 'The Last Dragon'. Nope, never seen it. So when we got home, he insisted I watch it with him. The sun had gone down by then so I lit a fire in the fireplace and watched the movie with my hubby. The kids played in the basement. The movie was actually kinda cute. Definitely very 80ish.

It was a wonderful day! The day was blog worthy because - it was my weekend and I never drank one sip of alcohol that day. Proof that I can enjoy my weekends with out it. Hope for my recovery!

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