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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Operation Christmas Child

I had posted some prayer requests a couple weeks ago and I mentioned a tragic story about a local 12 year old boy that lost his life recently. Well that boy's name is Jack and he loved to fill shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child each year. A good friend of mine, Katie, made this beautiful inspiring video about Jack. Please watch.

It was kind of hard explaining the process of OCC to Brandon and Faith. I took them shopping yesterday and told them to pick out Christmas presents that we would send to a special little girl and boy who live very far away. They were confused at first, but once in the store, they were really excited! They each picked out gifts for their boxes saying things like "oh, a fairy wand! My little girl would love to have this" and "I'm going to send my boy this orange truck to play with , he will like that". (they almost sounded like parents shopping for their kids!) I can't wait until they carry their boxes into Church this Sunday to drop them off.

So this year we are sending boxes in honor of Jack and his family. A family we don't know, but keep in our prayers this season.

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