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Friday, October 21, 2011

Prayer Requests

I want to share with you a few of the families that I have been faithfully praying for:

A local 12 year old boy died tragically this past September from the flooding waters our area had from tropical storm Lee. I had been praying for that family already when I found that the mom was a fellow blogger. You can read her blog here. This family is going through a very painful time and can always use some prayer. If you read the mom's blog, however, you will see God is with them every step of the way and they stay faithful to God, even through this difficult time. Very inspiring!

For a little over a year I have been following the story of a local girl, Autumn Hoeft. In 2010, it was found that Autumn had an inoperable tumor on her brain. (she was 3 years old) After a long hard journey of many rounds of chemo, Autumn's tumor went away! Over the summer this family was trying to get back to normal as Autumn's MRI's and tests were still looking good and clear of cancer. Recently, Autumn started experiencing pain in her ankles and legs. A recent MRI shows multiple tumors on her spine :( I prayed a few nights ago asking God "Why is there cancer? Why is cancer every where? Why does it attack even the smallest of bodies?" Autumn's mom posted such a powerful message on her journal this last Wednesday:

God loves us and will not forsake us, so we all must trust in him. Pray for his mercy. Thank him for giving us a whole good year. Pray for more time, I don't believe it's her time. I do believe in times we must suffer to test our faith in him. When the world ends God needs faithful followers and warriors. He doesn't need the new world to have another Lucifer. With that thought love you all and be blessed.

Wow. I wish words like these would come to my mind when my questioning husband asks me "if there is a God, why does he allow bad things to happen?"
So, please pray for Autumn and her family too as they continue through this journey.

One last prayer request ~ you may have seen this on my facebook if you are on my list. My cousin's darling 2 yr old son went into the hospital with a terrible case of croup and was hospitalized immediately as his breathing levels were dangerously low. Doctors were stumped on why he wasn't responding to meds and his breathing was not getting better. He was put on life support and airlifted to another hospital. I am happy to report he has since been taken off the breathing machine and is breathing on his own, drinking and eating and even smiling. They found he had a flu virus which caused croup and strep throat and really took a toll on his breathing and heart rate. Please pray for Chase's continued improvement and that he may go home soon with his mommy and daddy.

God Bless!

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