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Friday, February 3, 2012

Lunch for 3 ~ $5!

Brandon and Faith and I went out to run some errands and we had lunch at Costco. For a total of $5 - I had a slice of pepperoni pizza and a diet coke, the kids each had a hot dog and a berry smoothie. Gotta love it!! Now mind you, I bought one hot dog, but its so long that cut in half is like each of them having their own regular hot dog. I always buy one smoothie for them and get an extra cup for them to share.

I have to say, I enjoy sitting at the tables and watching all the customers walk by with their carts after they have paid for their goodies. Of course there are no shopping bags, so everything is visible. But I find it fascinating to look and wonder WHY they are buying what they are buying??
One man walks away with 6 boxes of oatmeal square cereal. Is it for all of his kids that all eat a healthy cereal in the morning? Or does he work for a senior home that serves oatmeal squares for breakfast? Some people buy cases and cases of water. That could be for a church or an athletic event. A baby seat and room humidifier - Hmmmm... a baby shower? The woman was definitely not expecting. Oh, and one cart had 1 pack of fish I think - and a big giant bottle of wine! A dinner party? Or if she was like me, it was just dinner and drinks for herself. Another cart had 5 big bottles of wine - all different, and a pair of jeans. Hahaha. My cart had a 30 pack of diet coke, a 1/2 gallon of milk and a 5 lb tub of chocolate chip cookie dough. I went to Costco just for that cookie dough. I am baking cookies tomorrow for a super bowl party at our church for the youth group. A party Zach was so excited to go to. But sadly, today was report card day. My once a straight "A" student came home with a poor report card. It is seriously painful for me to punish him. He deserves discipline, and he is grounded... but I so get that old expression "this hurts me more than it hurts you". I love how much he enjoys all the fun activities for the youth group at our church. Now he will be staying home all weekend. It saves me a car trip driving him to and from the party I suppose. I will still be making the cookies tomorrow and will bring them with me to church. Speaking of, I am off to my CR meeting. God Bless and happy Super Bowl weekend!!

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Not So Simply Single said...

Your kids are so darn cute!

Lucky you!