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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tackle it Tuesday ~ Burst of Energy

I do not know what has gotten into me lately, but I wouldn't mind if I stayed this way forever. It could be that I no longer drink, and because of that I have new found energy! I don't feel dehydrated, achy, moody or run down. Or more likely, it is because I am taking some steroids to battle muscle inflammation/pinched nerves. Maybe they make me super woman. At any rate, yesterday, I did not let any of this energy go to waste. I made a breakfast fit for a king for two 4 year olds. (pretty silly) At dinner time, I made some delicious chili mac. But in between the 2 meals, I spent the day all over the house, cleaning, rearranging, moving around wall hangings and decorations and so on. It is so true - that if you occasionally move around nic nacs you already have, it can give you the feel of a new room with new things! And you don't have to spend a penny!!

My sweet little princess seems to pop in all my pictures. The family room hasn't changed much, but in the left hand corner there, we have a new tv stand. We bought it with a gift card given to us for Christmas by my brother in law. Thanks Mike! It was a challenge on Sunday to put it together and find a spot for the old table we had there. We hooked the tv back up literally in time for the Super Bowl coin toss. Wow.
Now, I did find that white basket sitting on the fireplace which seems to be perfect to hold the little 2 lb fire logs I bought. That is kinda cute I thought. I added another plain white flat basket on the bottom shelf of the tv stand, just so something is there.

The old table that the tv was on was moved into our formal living room. (to the left of that chair)This is actually a file cabinet matching my office furniture, but there is no room in my office for it. Scott thinks it is too tall for that room, but I don't mind it. Plus with the vase of flowers I put on it, it gives us more privacy without actually closing the curtains. I also hung up those 3 crossed today. Those lines are just a reflection of something when I took this picture. The crosses are off balance, but that is because I plan on hanging a 4th - which I haven't found yet.

Now the biggest project of the day was cleaning the spare bedroom. I should have taken a before picture, but I honestly did not think I would blog about it. I use this room to hold the twins clothes. I don't like them to have access to their clothes in their own room. (recipe for disaster)

BEFORE I tackled this room, it was a giant mess! There were 4 laundry baskets of clean clothes that had accumulated from my doing laundry every week and just putting the basket in that room. Thinking I would put the clothes away later - then I never would. So, every day when it was time to get the twins dressed, I had to dig through those laundry baskets. The dresser and rocking chair was also covered in clothes. The bed had pillows and blankets piled on top. And this is a room that I do use!! I take my evening naps before work in this room 5 days a week. So I decided to tackle it clean and pretty and make it more inviting for my sweet naps. It also keeps me from hearing my husband grumble every time he is looking for clothes for the twins and can't find any.

I was able to avoid hammering more nails and just set this picture on top of the window.

That little chest next to the bed is such a pretty hand painted black chest that my dear late mother in law gave me. She gave it to me for the kids to play with ~ yeah right. Too pretty. It's mommy's.

A beautiful and heavy "key" wall hanging gave to me by my best friend, Angel.
That rocking chair is so VERY SPECIAL to me and I will have it forever! My dad bought it for me when I was 4 months pregnant with Zach. It was a Christmas gift and had a big beautiful burgundy velvet bow on it. It was sitting out by the tree at my grandmother's house so I could see it on Christmas morning when "Santa" came. But my grandma brought me in to look at it late on Christmas eve because she couldn't wait. She was so funny. So the chair is full of memories of all kinds, including rocking all 3 of my babies in it ♥

Those are all the pictures I took, but I also did most of the laundry. There is a hamper in the twins room I didn't get to. Swept, dusted and cleaned cleaned cleaned. Finished the evening doing 2 chapters of my Beth Moore study. It was a good day :)

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