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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Video Games & Cheeseburgers

Tuesday we went to the arcade. They have an all you can play deal for $10. We stayed a couple of hours and the kids had a ball.

After the arcade, we rented some movies and went back to the resort to relax. I made baked ziti for dinner and we watched The Smurfs and a couple other movies. Poor Brandon had a very restless night. He cried a lot complaining about his ear. I think he caught an infection from going to the waterpark maybe? I felt so bad:( I gave him ibuprofin and he finally went to sleep.

Today - Wednesday, we went to the mall to window shop and we ate at the Thunderbird Cafe. A local family owned diner that has delicious food! We had huge juicy cheeseburgers.

Scott had planned on going home on Thursday to handle some business - well the weather is predicting 3-6 inches of snow tonight. It was raining all day and the rain was to turn into snow. We decided it was best that he leave today to miss the bad weather. That would be fine and all - but Brandon started feeling bad again and feels like he is burning up. I gave him some more medicine and he fell asleep. I am letting him sleep some, but I am really worried that we will have to go home - at least to see the dr. Maybe we can see the dr and come back, its not that long of a drive. I still have things on my to do list! We want to see a movie and see the horses. Faith wants to ride a horse. We shall see.... I pray Brandon feels better!!

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