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Friday, December 9, 2011

Muppets and Horses

On Thursday we went to the movies. Brand, Faith and I saw the Muppets while Zach saw Breaking Dawn by himself. We were the only people in each theatre. Faith wanted to sit in the very back (top) cause she had "never done that before". (this was only the third movie of her lifetime) It was nice having the theatre to ourselves cause the kids could jump up and down, dance and talk without bothering anyway. When Zach's movie was finished, he came into our theatre to see the end.

After the movies, we did some Christmas shopping. Then we got lost for about an hour around JMU! We drove in circles during heavy traffic hour. I was not happy. One the way back to the resort we went to eat again at the same yummy place. I knew we shouldn't, but it was late and we were hungry. I ordered the $5 special. We came back and watched some more rented movies.

Friday morning I took the twins horseback riding. (well it was a pony) They were so excited!! To me it was a pretty lame ride for the cost, but I think it was a lifetime memory for them.

Faith absolutely loves horses so she really was having the time of her life!

Brandon had fun too... tho he looked to me like he might slide off. I think the guide gave Faith more times around, but I didn't complain since I thought he might fall if he had one more time around!

We are spending Friday night inside watching more rentals and eating some frozen pizzas. I think we might go home tomorrow, Brandon has not felt well in the evenings and I think he is home sick.

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Angel said...

Hey. I am really missing you today! Just caught up on your blog. How is Brandon doing? Love ya!