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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On Vacation! Massanutten ~ Sun. and Mon.

On Sunday we arrived at the Massanutten resort just after 5. The first night was spent unpacking and grocery shopping or the week. Monday morning was our annual sales meeting. The meeting we go to for the free breakfast buffet while we listen to some timeshare guys try to sell us an additional week or something. We upgraded to the nicest place here just last year, so there wasn't anything better they could offer besides an extra week! We said no of course. But still enjoyed breakfast and we get free tickets to the water park. It's worth it! After the meeting we got ready for the park.

Here is a small pic of the indoor water park while it is closed.

Zach likes the "flo rider" surf ride. He did a lot better this year!

A very fuzzy, but good picture of my boys. My camera is dying a slow death.

Faith borrowed this cute suit from a neighbor. Her suit from summer was just too small. She looks adorable in this bikini! This year Brandon and Faith were not afraid of anything. They LOVED all of the water slides and even went on the biggest ones! (with us, the larger ones have double and triple seated inner tubes)

These are actually the smaller slides in the middle. B & F could go down them by themselves this year.

After a few good hours at the water park, we were all tired, lazy and hungry. Zach loves vacation, the only time I will let him have soda and chips while sitting on the couch!!

I cooked up some beef stroganoff.

Faith eating chips... a lot of junk food eating around here!

So this was the first 2 days... I need to get off of our free wifi to let my sweet hubby use all the bandwidth to play his online game. Hey - it keeps him happy and here. More to come!!

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