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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas time is here!

On Black Friday we got out all the Christmas stuff! No sense in going out to all the craziness. I am broke any way. Scott, however, did do some shopping. The kids and I put up the tree. The house is still a mess with a couple more piles of Christmas decorations to go up somewhere. Brandon and Faith were particularly more excited this year than I have ever seen. I guess that comes with being 4! A better understanding of Santa.

It's so funny to see all the ornaments that were placed on the very bottom. As cute as that is, I won't leave it that way. :)

On Thanksgiving evening, I did bring up the tree for our front living room window. It's easy because it's a pre-lit, predecorated, prestanding tree! Just bring it upstairs and plug it in.

Off to do some more decorating. Wreaths and garland every where and lights outside! Woo hoo!


Amy said...

Beautiful! I haven't gotten out my decorations yet, but I'm itching to! :)

Not So Simply Single said...

Just a beautiful tree with your beautiful family! You are so blessed, I hope you know that!