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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bad Week

Last week was just plain awful. An 8th grader in Zach's school took his own life on Monday night. This was of course very upsetting to all the students at the school. It is hard enough to understand death at that age but to make sense of suicide? Let's face it, even adults can't make sense of that. It makes you angry. You just want to go back in time and save that person. I spent the week just wanting to be with Zach and he spent the week wanting to be with his friends. I had an emotional break down. Yep. Sure did. No matter how sad or bad our week was, it was nothing compared to the week that boy's family had. I have been praying for them.

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Katie @ Cayenne Paper said...

Peggy- that is a horrible and tragic story. I can't believe it! Please hug Zac a little harder tonight and every other night. He's a good kid and I know you let him know it! ;)