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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snowing in October!

Well folks, apparently we have some snow in October which is a new record. Life is just getting stranger and stranger. Earthquakes in Virginia and snow in October? That's craziness! I tried to take a photo of the snow falling (above) but it's difficult to see the snow. I sure hope this is not a taste of whats to come. I hate winter. Today is a good day. Tonight is a good evening. Right this very minute, I am alone in the Family room with a roaring fire in the fireplace and "Today's Country" music playing on cable. Scott and the twins are upstairs watching tv or playing on the computer and Zach is at a friend's house. I am enjoying myself so much, I don't feel like cooking dinner. There is plenty to eat so everyone will be just fine!

Check this out... Zach made this "black ops" gun outta toilet paper and paper towel rolls and duct tape. I think it's pretty creative!! He also bought this Captain America shirt and matching winter hat at Wal-Mart with me today. We came home and I cooked biscuits, eggs and sausage gravy. I took a nap and he made this gun. I would say he is having a good day too since he is off playing with friends. (wonder if he brought his gun?)

Since the temp has dropped below 60, I have been having fires in the fireplace. I absolutely LOVE having fires in the fireplace!!!! This weekend its in the 30s, so yeah, I have at least 2 logs a blazing now:) Hubby thinks I just like the look. He admitted he was thinking of getting one of those amish inserts that looks like a fire and is really an electric heater. I told him not to waste his money because I like the fire!! I like lighting the logs and watching the REAL fire flicker.

Look at this girl. She looks way older than 4. And she is SO smart!! Yikes!!!


Not So Simply Single said...

I wish there was snow here...gosh, so pretty...


Angel said...

I love you and your beautiful children! ♥