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Sunday, April 17, 2011

♥My Princess♥

My daughter is just so girly, sweet and precious! I love having a daughter. She now realizes that we are the women of this house. If there is something "girly" to be done, we must do it together:) Faith wants to help me with everything! She helps with laundry, dishes and cooking. If I blow dry my hair, I must blow dry hers. She will even jump in the shower with me. Haha! Every single day she must wear a princess dress. Now as any woman, Faith is also moody. She is going through an annoying crying phase. She cries if she doesn't get her way, if Brandon or Zach bother her, if she gets scared.. so on. And this girl will not stay in her bed at night. Sadly, she is almost 4 and sleeps in our bed every night! She goes to bed in her bed, but ends up in ours. She asks Brandon if she can sleep with him and he almost always says no. He likes his space and wants to sleep in his own bed. We have never had a problem with him wanting to sleep with us. One night, he said yes to Faith sleeping with him. (as pictured below) Another night, I slept with Faith in her bed, She slept great in her bed that night. I can't remember why I did that, but I actually had a great night of sleep!
There is a spa near by that specializes in little girls! Some day, I will take Faith out for some quality girl time:) I bet she gets hooked on the spa world.

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