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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mommy Goes Out

Mike Webb

I haven't had a night out in 6 months or so, so when my brother in law's band - Gonzo's Nose, came to Centreville, (not far from me) I had to go. I also had to jump through some hoops to make this happen. For one, I was scheduled to work and had to find coverage. Its hard to find coverage when you work third shift, not many people want to give up their sleep. My third shift co-workers and I usually cover for each other, but this weekend 2 of my co-workers were off so I had to find someone else. I managed to get 2 different people to cover 4 hours each of my shift:) How nice!! Well I guess that was my only obstacle really. I went out with my friend and neighbor. We had a nice time. Gonzo's Nose was great as always. The establishment, however, was not so great. I have been spoiled by the recent "no smoking" laws they have passed in the bars and restaurants. For what ever reason, that law has not reached this place yet so it was pretty smoky. So we went home stinking a bit. I don't know about my neighbor, but my husband had me take a shower before entering our bed. Thats fine, nothing like getting into a cozy bed after a hot shower or bath:) I had a fun night! Ate some onion rings then jumped around a lot in front of the stage hoping to work off the onion rings. GN sings some good ol 80s and 90s tunes so when they played Violent Femmes, The Cure, James and so on, I couldn't help but to take off my shoes and hop around. Then when some weirdo tried to dance against my friend, we thought it was time to go. Haha!

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Not So Simply Single said...

I am so glad you had a blast! I know how hard it is to get work coverage! Whew, glad it worked out!

Life is about having fun! You deserve it!