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Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Honor Roll Student

Zach doesn't usually dress like this for school, but the week before spring break was spirit week and he gave 100% participation! The above outfit was "mix match" day. I wish I had taken pics from every day, especially "dress like your teacher" day when he wore one of my sweaters and scarfs. Haha! Zach had a great week of school. He got a 100% on his science project he recently did. The topic was something about different dirt/soils affecting the growth of plants. That was 10% of his grade this semester and moved him from a B to an A. Zach came home with his report card on Friday and he had all As and one B. This is huge because we had just had a teacher conference in January about 4 of his grades dropping from an A to a B. Yes, B work is still good, however, the grades dropped 10 pts and would have kept dropping if action was not taken! He just got lazy and stopped trying. After incorporating some new homework/studying rules, he brought those grades up:) We are very proud. NOW it's spring break and good ol Mom (that's me) spent all of her $$ this pay period not leaving any for spring break entertainment. SIGH Luckily, the other 10 kids in the culdesac are off too and the weather is expected to be beautiful, so I am sure Zach will have a good break no matter what. Sadly, I work his entire break. Of course I work nights, but still that will have me going to sleep at 9 and not staying up with Zach. We do plan on having at least one fun family day during the week. We are thinking of going to the DC museums. Zach LOVES history and government (yawn) and the twins will love to see the dinosaurs and what not I am sure. I want to go to the Holocaust museum and the Crime museum! A little warped, I admit, but I have seen the rest a million times. Unfortunately those 2 are not very kid friendly for Brandon & Faith. Grrr. I could "get lost" and sneak off to those while the rest of the fam goes through the huge natural history museum. Ooh, I just checked the website of the crime museum, it has the actual studio of America's Most Wanted! I had NO idea I lived so close to something so cool! Plus a whole lot more.. .So much more that the museum charges admission. So I guess that ends that for this week:) But it is now a high priority on my to do list. I am sure no matter what we decide, we can pull together a great spring break!

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