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Monday, April 18, 2011

Dreaming of the Beach!

I want to go to the beach so flippin bad! Scott and I are dealing with the same stress at work and we talked about taking a spring vacation to get away from it all..... so now it is all I can think about. Of course we are using a timeshare exchange - bonus week so we have to wait until a place we like is available. The beach vacations go fast. There was a great one available this morning in Hilton Head SC. We would have had to leave  the wkend after Easter. It took a lot of time trying to persuade hubby that we should jump on that one. It was a gold crown resort and they offered 2 free bikes for the week for guests to ride the trails or to the beach. (1 mile away) The units overlook a lagoon. Yeah, its a 10 hr drive and Scott hates long drives, but I like road trips and promised to drive so he can relax and read:) I managed to get him on board with the idea and guess what? Someone snatched it up. SIGH You gotta be quick with those. I wanted to cry like a little spoiled brat. I took my very short nap and actually dreamed we were on vacation.
On the bright side - it WILL happen! Maybe I will be on the beach for mothers day:)

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