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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Week in Review..

  1. Faith said "I'm the fairiest Faith ever"!
  2. Brandon said "mom" me: "yes" Brandon: "um, I love you"
  3. Zach said: Oh fudgeroo! (what???)
  4. I worked 7 nights in a row.
  5. We are missing Church today because I worked all night:(
  6. It was nice to spend Veteran's Day with my honey. We window shopped and ate at Wendy's.
  7. A spicy chicken salad (1/2 size) and baked potato w/sour cream is 11 points
  8. Rented 'Grown Ups' Great movie!
  9. Took the kids to the bookstore and bought each of them a book.
  10. I am broke.
  11. Because I am broke, hubby and I had a huge fight
  12. Hubby was the sweetest man ever to me all day Saturday:) (making up is wonderful)
  13. Zach babysat his siblings alone for the first time Sat night and was AWESOME!
  14. Hubby and I went to the movies alone for the 1st time since May. Saw 'Due Date' Funny!
  15. In 3 minutes starts my only day off this week and I will spend it feeling blessed and loving my family! First step: make a big breakfast for everyone to wake up to. ♥

Logan is family too!

My daughter - she loves satin frilly stuff! Just like I did.

Mini ice cream sandwiches. Only 100 calories! YUM!

(Insert picture of Zach here)
If the boy would stay home for a bit, I could take a picture of him too!
Straight A student by day, social guru by night!

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