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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

My tackle this week was to sort through my late Mother-in-law's clothes and jewelry. I admit, sorting through and organizing Jeanne's jewelry was so much fun. I had told her a couple of times that I would come over and organize her jewelry for her. It's sad that I am finally doing so without her sitting next to me. I imagined Jeanne laughing and telling me stories about the many different pieces.

Wow, the amount of clothes was unreal. I am not quite finished. I have made several piles and all I have to do is bag up the piles to go to the Salvation Army. I kept a few items for myself. While going through the clothes I found an old American Red Cross volunteer uniform!!! I just thought that was so cool since I work for the ARC. It has 2 ARC patches and a pin. Also a pinned name tag that says Mrs Webb. I just couldn't throw this out! :)

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