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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Update on Logan

Logan is doing great! I was worried a couple times, worried that we weren't doing the right things. But I read and read on how to take care of a bearded dragon, and I think we are doing ok. He is eating well, pooing well and sleeping well. We are handling him a little each day to get him used to us. We want to raise him to be tame and lovable. His main diet so far are crickets - dusted with calcium for his nutrition. He also likes kale. He has had some meal worms which the pet store suggested, however, i read that they are hard to digest. I would have to agree as it looks like they come back out whole. (sorry for the visual) Next time, I think I will buy him some wax worms instead. just love his daily routine. He hangs out on his basking log all day - except when he is eating, drinking or taking a bath. When it is bed time, we turn off his heat lamp and UV light and turn on his night time red lamp. He then goes to the other side and climbs up to the top of a tall rock he has. He sleeps in the same position every night. Last night I noticed that he went to his sleeping rock before I turned off his day lights. He was closing his eyes. Awww... he was tired and was putting himself to bed early! I put on his night time lamp and said good night:)

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