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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Got Kids?

For at least 2 years we have lived here without any kids near by. I know it has been boring for Zach, but the twins are happy as long as they are outside. Recently, not one, not two, but 3 new families moved in with kids!! 2 families are in our culdesac and one family moved in a few houses down the road. So now ~ between all of us, we have a grand total of .....15 kids!! Yeah, no kidding! Ages from infant to 16. Zach has a new best friend and they hang out together every day. I love seeing him so happy and out doing things rather than in the house playing video games or watching tv. No other 3 yr olds moved close by, but Brandon and Faith have each other. Plus the kids play with them too, regardless of the age difference! I am also super happy to have made some great new friends. I now have other adults to talk to! (beside my dear hubby of course, but he is working every day until bedtime any way)

I took some of the kids to the park with me:)

Hammy kids! :)

We went walking and saw some ducks, next time we will remember the bread

Brandon loves to chase the ducks

I love this picture:)

Brandon climbs on everything! Makes me a nervous wreck. He actually fell on his back on this day-trying to climb on the monkey bars

There is fun to be had every day! What a wonderful summer this is.

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Angel said...

The twins are looking so tall!!! I feel like we haven't talked in forever. We'll have to catch up soon! I've been unpacking and unpacking and unpacking and...well, you get the idea! Miss you and love you!!