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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

I am doing it again... or NOT doing it I should say. I haven't been blogging! I will start with a good ol fashioned Tackle it Tuesday. The Master bath! We had the master bath remodeled. So that we can increase the value of our house and go into debt. Haha! Doesn't really clasify as a tackle since I didn't remodel the bathroom, but HEY! I did wipe the dust off and decorate it after.
Our bathroom BEFORE:


And.... drum roll please.........


So pretty! I need a better wall hanging for the space above the toilet. I will find the perfect one some day... I have yet to take a bath in our new bathroom. I am off on Wed night (took it off so I can have fun on my bday:)) so wed night may be a bath night for mommy:)

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Blasé said...


It all looks GREAT!