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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rambling on..playing catch up!

Oh I need to blog, I need to blog. I recently went through my blog to find some pictures. I used to be a good, very consistent blogger! What happened? Practically every day I have thoughts that I want to blog about. It just doesn't happen!

What's going on? Hmm, well I am tired. That's nothing new. Zach is at his grandparents and is having too much fun to call his mommy. We are remodeling our bathroom and it's pretty messy. Plus it's strange having a group of strangers in our bedroom all day every day! I didn't think it was a good time to remodel. We can't afford it. But I think this is some how therapeutic to Scott. He needs to keep his mind busy.

The service for my Mother-in-law is this Sunday, so that's also on our minds. I have been busy helping to prepare. The funeral home wanted $50 for a guest sign in book and I said no way! Well, I didn't say no way, I just told my father-in-law to let me handle that. I am proud to say I found an appropriate Guest book at the Family Christian Store for $10.99! I am so proud. (I love that store and asked hubby to just get me a gc there for my Birthday and let me go shopping all by myself one day! Now that's a great present:))I also bought a beautiful dress and shoes for $17 total at the Salvation Army. I can just tell the dress has only been worn once or twice. Over the years I have some how lost any and all dressy clothes!

Hmmm.. what else. The twins are keeping me busy. I mean super busy, never can sit down busy. I spend the day sweeping, wiping hands and faces, assisting with "potty" breaks, breaking up fights, watching Sprout and Nick Jr., playing outside, preparing meals.. the usual mom stuff I guess. It's good to stay busy. They also make me smile and laugh :) I love observing their fights, conversations and play time. (really, the fights are entertaining) Who needs play dates? Every day is a play date! They have each other. Now they like to sit together at the table with both chairs on the same side. They feed each other. I love my kids!

We all went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D a few weeks ago. Brandon and Faith did really well.

We went to the water side of Six Flags one day. That was fun. I am guessing we will go to Six Flags a few more times this summer since we have season passes.

July 4th we cooked out. Around 9ish we walked down the road to watch the Manassas City fireworks.

Oh - Father's Day! Wow. I really haven't blogged in a while. We took Daddy Scott to brunch at the Manassas City Tavern. We showered him with gifts and then we left him to have alone time:) I drove the kids to WV to spend the rest of Father's Day with my Dad. We cooked out and had a Father's Day cake. Very good day! WHEW. That's everything. I am all caught up. And now the pictures....

The after math of Brandon and Faith's first movie.

Water park at Six Flags

Watching fireworks

My Dad on Father's Day

Our Father's Day brunch

Day 1 of the bathroom remodel - gutting the bathroom

Day 2 - started the shower! I think I will wait until the bathroom is completed before I post another picture:)
Have a Blessed weekend everybody!

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Blasé said...

You MUST be really busy because you don't even read my Blog, anymore.

I bet your Dad is familiar with Mark Farner.