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Friday, May 21, 2010

Looky what I found!

In searching for a budget spreadsheet for myself, I found this cool site! It looks like it has so much $$ saving info and tips. PLUS free printable budgets! Just perfect for turning over my new money saving leaf:) However, before finding this site, I did go to the pillow pets site and order 2 pillow pets:( Not a good start! HOWEVER, it's the twins' bday a week from tomorrow!! They get so excited when they see the pillow pets commercials and they each have picked out their favorite pet. That is the only frivolous expense I will be making this pay period. Well, beside whatever I find at my community yard sale tomorrow and my weekly trip to Salvation Army on Wed. Ok, there. I am done! Nothing else outside of bills, groceries, gas and tithing!

On a side note: Thank you so much to all my wonderful friends for all your support and kind words yesterday:) I feel a lot better today. Knowing this is the last day helps a lot. Plus, Brandon and Faith are so darn cute and they make me smile. I think smiling provides natural energy!

I love you all so much! Smooches!

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