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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

I am super excited about an idea I had! So I just had to share, even tho it really is quite simple:) I am sure like most people, I plan to clean house all in one day over the weekend. Well, I usually wait til the end of my weekend and when the time comes I become extremely moody as I am extremely overwhelmed by all the work I have to do!! Every weekend I have that huge responsibility hanging over my head. Laundry, dusting, bathrooms, everything! Yesterday while feeling overwhelmed like usual, I decided something HAD to change. I decided to break down the jobs and give them an assigned day. I told you it was simple! Of course, I am leaving the weekend FREE for fun, rest and Worship. NO CLEANING! I also think my house will stay pretty clean. Ready for that unexpected company! The problem with trying to do everything in one day was, I NEVER finished!!

Here is my schedule sketched out:
Monday: Laundry and bathrooms
Tuesday: Dusting
Wednesday: Trash Day and clean office (my office gets out of control quick!)
Thursday: Basement and/or special projects (like cleaning out one of my MANY junk drawers??)
Friday: Upstairs (should be easy as the bathrooms and dusting will be done)
So far so good! I did the laundry and bathrooms yesterday and I dusted the entire house today! I feel good:)

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Katie said...

Love this idea! A friend of mine (whose house always looks so clean even though she has 2 kids) does this and she says it really breaks things up to make it more manageable. I'm like you- I used to try and do it all in one day and it is overwhelming!! Let me know how it goes... ;)