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Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Fun! (Every day is fun to a 2 year old!)

Had another fabulous weekend! Who doesn't love the weekends? I especially love when we don't have plans. I don't have any time constraints hanging over my head. Don't get me wrong, I also like having plans. But I need that "no plans" weekend in between! We played outside a lot over the weekend as the weather was beautiful. Scott recently bought a new battery for the Hot Wheels bug ~ we bought this little car for only $30 from a friend last year. Now it goes and goes! Zach is too big of course, but I feel safe when he rides with the twins. Plus, he taught Faith how to drive by herself really well! I don't have to worry about her hitting a car or the curb.

I got out the moonbounce early on Saturday when Scott and Zach went to the movies together. Perfect energy burning play while Mommy can still sit on a couch and slowly wake up.

Faith drew her own hopscotch! She draws a line of circles and hops back and forth. We made a real one for her later:)

Target is having a sale on kids' swimsuits this week! My boys are fine, but Faith's suit was a bit tight. I let her pick out the suit she wanted, and she chose this 3 piece with a grass skirt! So cute!
We also grilled brats and burgers. I made baked m&c and made Angel's delicious crunchy cole slaw salad! We had a waterballoon fight and played catch. Oh yeah - I took the kids out for ice cream at Cold Stone. Brandon and Faith each finished their cup and walked up to the counter to ask the nice lady for more! No free refills on ice cram, kids. Haha!

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