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Friday, April 9, 2010

Another Fun Night at ChickFilA!

Took the kids to ChickFilA for dinner to burn off some energy in the little play room. It was obvious that some fun stuff was going on when we pulled up! We first saw this cool tricked out little bus.

This bus is named Shortcut High and is used to collect school supplies for underprivileged children. They sell pretty neat looking t shirts and the $$ of course goes to their mission.
There was also a big firetruck with lots of firemen. They were allowing kids to get in the truck and learn all about what they do! It was fun.

Zach is apparently holding a 5 thousand dollar piece of equipment. Put it down Zach. It is the the tool used to locate bodies in a burning building.

Brandon and Faith sitting in their seats while a fireman tells them all sorts of things they don't understand just yet. Tee hee:)

They gave the kids hats, stickers and coloring books. How nice! Inside a local County Sheriff's Office were making free ID badges for the kids to help in case of a disappearance. I took advantage of that:)

We went out for come chicken and play time and got a whole lot more! Great night.


Angel said...

FUN stuff. You guys do cool stuff with the kids! LOVE your new header!

Blasé said...

"Hwy 95" is headed in the right direction, anyway.

I like that new Blog-header pic. I once discovered that ducks like bread.