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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Love a Good Bargain!

I get really excited when I find a good bargain. I just have to share!

This stack of 6 small plastic bowls are only $1.38 at Target right now! Great deal. They are the perfect size for the twins. They have different colors. I bought the red above as well as yellow and navy blue. Probably more than I need.

When I am at Target, I always stop by the $1 section. Well, right now you can get selected items (marked with a blue dot) for $.25!! I bought these 3 books for $.25 each. The Precious Moments book is a potty book. I assumed it would be for both boys and girls, but it seems to be only for girls. Faith is potty trained but Brandon still does not be interested. Hopefully he will like this book regardless if it is a boy or girl. All 3 of my kids really like books. We have books all over the house! Our bookshelves in the loft are full of children's books and our corner tv stand in the family room is stocked full of books. Brandon actually SLEEPS with a Thomas book or two. Haha!
Now for my favorite Bargain of the day.......

I found this Toddler's Bible for a whopping $.75!! I have looked at this same book in the bookstore but didn't want to spend $15 for it. I found it at McKay's Used Book Store in Manassas. They changed their location (just a few doors down the same shopping center) and it is HUGE and super awesome! Our new Toddler's Bible is in perfect condition and is so super cute with many of the greatest Bible stories inside! It's a board book so I don't have to worry about any damage. Love it!!

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