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Friday, March 19, 2010

Spiritual Mismatch

I found this book at my library. It is a great book! Not that I know a lot about Lee Strobel, but I know of his books such as The Case for Christ. I haven't read any Lee Strobel books because a few people told me they are a "hard" read. Well that is definitely not for me then! I won't be able to sit through a book if I don't understand it. So I find this book in the library written by Lee and his wife. Fascinating! So far, this book is an easy read. I am loving it too! The things Lee has said to his wife and similar to what Scott says to me. I am happy to say that our conversations do not get quite as heated as some of the conversations I have read about. I think because I give up on the subject a lot. I don't like to discuss Religion with my husband. I do however like to share my excitement about different things with him. I tell him about how great Church was or how I felt that a Sermon spoke to me.. and so on. But if that conversation some how turns into a big debate on God, I back out. And that is how I keep the peace in my Spiritual mismatched marriage! I love my husband with all my heart. He is a really good man. I just want him there with me for all of Eternity. Is that so bad? :)

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