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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Haircuts and Easter Bunny

Happy Early Easter! Today the Easter Bunny arrived at the mall! For the last 2 days Brandon and Faith have been talking about seeing the Easter Bunny. This morning when they woke up they said "we are going to see the Easter Bunny today"! I knew Faith was really excited, yet, Brandon was just going along with what she said. He didn't want to see the Easter Bunny. (at least not up close) So here is my snapshot from my camera. The ladies were nice enough to let me take a shot (from far away) as they understood I didn't want to pay for a picture without the twin brother.

Before seeing the Easter Bunny, we stopped in for haircuts. Last time Faith FREAKED out! This time she walked in and gave the woman a hug and then went right up into the chair! WOW. Brandon said "NO HAIR CUT" and threw himself on the floor. *SIGH* I had to sit and hold him for his. The man asked what I wanted and I said "just a little boy haircut". Perhaps I should have been more specific. My idea of a little boy haircut and HIS idea were completely different. Now my baby looks like he has enlisted.

All done hair cut

"Hey Dad, Mommy had some stranger cut ALL my hair off and then she tried to get me to sit on some goofy rabbit's lap! Can you come get me? No? Ok, see you later"

Back at home enjoying the weather!

Brandon loves to play (hide) in the bushes. What a boy! He plays in dirt, mud, bushes, sticks... I need to let him be I guess. I look at him and think you are going to get all scratched up! You are going to get ticks or other bugs! AGH!

I need to relax:)


Blasé said...!!!

Purple Patti said...

wow that guy who cuts hair needs to be re-trained. he obviously does not know what he is doing. But Brandon looks cute as always. Good thing it is only hair and it will always grow back. And good thing it is no longer winter outside. I have had that happen with my boys many times, where they would go for a hair cut and come out bald. LOL.
And yes boys will be boys--thank God for Washer/Dryers and Soap and Water. Enjoy these years.

Leena said...

Aww too cute!!

Angel said...

Took me a while to read all your blog posts. :-) thought I'd let you know I'm caught up. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU! {{hugs}}