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Sunday, February 7, 2010

We got out!

After Scott & Zach shoveled for 2 hours, one of our friendly neighbors came by to help with his snowblower. There are a few nice neighbors with their blowers and shovels trying to clean out this culdesac as the city hasn't done so yet. We are thinking of buying one of these snowblowers. Maybe we can get a good deal on Craig's List in the Spring! So, Scott made it out to the store ok. (I assume, he is not back yet) He REALLY wants chili for Super Bowl and I need beans and tomato sauce to make it! I had a special request too. Beer. That's right, I said it. I like beer. I can't help it! It's yummy! And beer and football go together. ESPECIALLY on Super Bowl Sunday! I am only going to have a couple. Scott doesn't really care for beer. I am alone on this. Haha! It's good to cook with too! Ever had a beer can chicken?? YUM!

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Angel said...

That's a LOT of snow! Yep, beer is good to cook with. Although I think there won't be much beer on our steaks tonight since Kevin is down to about 5 cans. LOL