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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Coffee Talk ~ Day 1

Good Morning! It's a late and lazy Sunday morning. I would normally be in Church now, but because of the 25 plus inches of snow out there, they are having service online again. If you would like to tune in and get a glimpse of our services click here for the live webcast at 4 pm today! I absolutely love my Church. Which brings me to showing you today's coffee mug. It has an "n" which is for New Life Christian Church. I love this cup!! I am proud of my Church home.

So, Scott and Zach have been outside for at least 2 hours now shoveling the driveway. I know it's hard work:( I was going to work again today, but I totally bailed!! A friend/co-worker of mine was willing to work all 8 hours for me. (we were splitting the shift 4 hrs each) I really need a day off. Plus, I am not sure the boys will be done in time for me to start work so I would be stuck with watching twins AND working? No, that will not work. Plus i want to be online at 4 for Church.
Hope everyone has a safe and FUN Super Bowl Sunday!!! GO SAINTS! (in honor of my lil buddies Libby & Drew)


Blasé said...

This post sure was full of excuses...

Can I have a sip?

Angel said...

I had a cup from your church but it broke. :-( It was a to-go cup.

Katie said...

I haven't been reading blogs too much lately and am sad I missed these precious posts until now!! Libby and Drew will love that they made it to your blog. Can you believe that game? We're still in shock!!!