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Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Monday!

You might see a lot of bad morning pictures this week! I am not shy. We all have a morning look. Well, it's evening now, this is the first chance I have had to blog. We ventured out in the snow this morning to Chuck E Cheese. We have been cooped up all weekend so it was nice to get out and the kids really enjoyed it! The roads are not so great. There is just so much snow, so the plows pretty much just plow one lane or a path for people to get through in some areas! Plus, there are a lot of patches of slushy snow on the roads. It is slow moving out there! We look like we are surrounded by piles of snow. The neighborhood looks fascinating to me. Zach's school announced that they are closed for tomorrow and Wednesday too. Well... on Tuesday we are expecting MORE SNOW!! So he might not even go to school this week at this rate! Of course they will have to make it up at the end of the year. Yuck!
Zach and I played Scrabble this afternoon. I won but only by 2 points. Zach had the lead a lot of the game! This is the first time we played each other til the end. Zach learned a lot this time and I think he will beat me soon enough.


Angel said...

You have really gotten your share of snow!!! Hope it goes away quickly. The worst part of it is when it's melting and everything is so dirty. Yuck!

Purple Patti said...

I love your glasses. They are so cute. I know we are getting more snow. I don't know about you, I like it and all but DANG enough already. I think we have had our share for one year. Yeah we won't be in school for the rest of the week either. But oh well we can't do anything about it. I am going out today for the first time. I have to go to the store before the next round of snow keeps us in for a few more days. Stay warm, Miss you. Love you.