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Friday, February 19, 2010

My Husband Rocks ~ Valentine's Day

My husband rocks this week for.. what else? Valentine's Day! My dear sweet mother in-law offered to babysit so we can go out on a date. We had not been out together since attending a wedding in October! We dropped the kids off at Nana's last Saturday.

First we went to Uno's in Reston Town Center. Uno's is where we had our first real "love connection" conversation. (the Sterling location)

Then we went next door to see Avatar. I had actually wanted to see Valentine's Day or Dear John, but Scott managed to talk me into Avatar. Boy, was I glad!

Avatar is an AWESOME movie! A must see! A must OWN! I LOVED it.

The kids had a great time at Nanas:)

On Valentines Day, I worked a bit. Daddy took us all out to dinner again as a family. We had a wonderful day! Thank you honey!

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Blasé said...

Avatar was fun! Glad y'all had a great V-Day.

Purple Patti said...

What a GREAT BROTHER IN LAW I HAVE!!! You Rock SCOTT!! Good job. Now come and Teach Sam some pointers will you?? LOL. Glad you had a great time. I know how hard it is to get out with toddlers around.

Angel said...

katie and I are talking about going to see Avatar tomorrow. It's showing at the base for only $3.00!