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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday - New Furniture

Our tackle this week is assembling furniture! What an exciting tackle! Getting something new is exciting, but assembling ANYTHING is definitely a tackle for me. I can not stand to assemble things!! Even though Scott and I worked together, it was still frustrating. Sometimes it can be even more frustrating when you are working together. I just know we each had to bite our lips to keep from snapping at each other! I broke 1/2 my thumb nail off and a big heavy piece fell on my big toe. The end result brought happiness to the room:)

Scott bought this chair to replace a broken chair. A chair that had me fall backwards and upside down, sending Zach into hysterical laughter.

We have been looking for an ottoman for this room for a while. Scott found one and bought it along with the chair. YAY:) Wait, is there something in there?

OH look at that! A fun new place to hide!

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