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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am so proud of this girl!!!

Today's coffee cup is one of my favorites! Pink with a pink ribbon supporting Breast Cancer Awareness. Important all year long!

Faith is doing an amazing job going potty!! She tells me when she has to go and runs to the bathroom. She was down to 1 accident a day and then yesterday she didn't have ANY accidents! I am still putting diapers on for bedtime, and we haven't really gone out in public a lot lately with the snow. Next step will be night time and then Brandon!


Purple Patti said...

THAT IS TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Glad you chose to do them at different times. It did make a difference in you and her. Glad it is all working out. Tell her Aunt Patti is so proud of her being a big girl now. Love you all and she is too cute for words. I miss you all. When we get out of all this snow, we need to make a trip down there to visit you all for a weekend.

Katie said...

That is amazing, Faith!!!!! I am going to take your lead and just go with one at a time. I feel so crappy b/c we have been snowed in for what- 10 days? And I haven't used this opportunity for serious training. Drew is so ready- even goes on command. But Libby has tried and tried and hasn't gone on the potty even once- I think her body just isn't ready. She gets sad b/c she doesn't understand why "no pee pee comes out" when she sits and sits.

I'm so proud of you doing it. Sounds like she's doing great! ;)