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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday - Wall Hangings

I was cleaning up today and was inspired to hang up some wall hangings that I have.

I found this candle holding wall hanging at I love it!!

Here is a close up...

And this is what used to be in the family room... I put it in the hall down to the basement. This wall was just asking for something. Another tidbit of info - this is one of my FAVORITE wall hangings. A wrought iron hanging with a "W" ceramic tile in the middle. I found it at Target for a whopping $5!

Oh how I have wanted a laundry rm wall hanging! Found this at ABC also.

Last but not least, a wrought iron coffee decor set for my "coffee" kitchen.

1 comment:

Purple Patti said...

HOW cute. I love them all. I really really like the W in the hall to the basement. Can't believe you got it for only $5 that's pretty cool. Love them all. I reallly Miss your HOUSE!! I need to come cook and clean there again. I'm leaving now. LOL