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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gabriel Thomas

I met this handsome little guy last Sunday! This is Gabriel Thomas. He was born 2 weeks ago. I talked about his birth story here.

Here is Gabriel with his proud mother Devon and one of his sisters.

Once I got him, I didn't want to put him down:)

When we arrived, Faith FREAKED and started screaming crying! She was afraid of my Uncle Rocky. (I didn't get a picture) As soon as Devon let the dogs in, Faith was happy!
Sweet Uncle Rocky = scary
Huge Black Rotweiller = FUN!

Let me explain here, my cousin Devon LOVES LOVES animals! And she has a lot of different animals in her house! She has 2 snakes - Fred & MaryEllen (named after our late grandparents!)
Myself and Zach were freaked out when Devon and Rodney (Erin's son, Devon's nephew) brought the snakes into the kitchen. But Brandon liked them! ICK!

Brandon also liked the dogs. (there are 2 more little dogs some where around here)
Oh and there were a lot of fish and birds too!

My baby boy holding the baby. Awwwww!! SO SWEET! Gabriel is the sweetest baby!! He wakes every 3-4 hours to eat and goes back to sleep. We brought him a little monkey outfit and a doggy pull toy to pull around the house. So come on Gabriel! Wake up and build up those arms!

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Angel said...

SWEET baby. Snakes....AIGHHHHH!!!!!!!