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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Snow Day

Zach had off from school again as we received another few inches of snow! 4 or 5 maybe? I should really make time to watch the news to see OR I could measure with a ruler:)
Zach made this snow man and I just love him! He used mulch for the eyes and nose and golf tees for the mouth:) We have a bunch more snow coming this weekend!! We had snow last weekend and Church was online and I bet it will be the same case this Sunday. We are expecting snowfall from Friday morning til late Sat night. 12 inches or more! Great. Yippee. Yay.

Faith hugs mr. snow man

A new facebook profile picture for Zach! It's all about the facebook profile picture.

Brandon & Faith had a blast! They love playing in the snow. We had hoped it would tire them out and they would take a nice nap for once, but no. I think our naps are coming to an end! We are in that "in between" stage where if they don't take naps, they crash later, so we think they still need naps. However, they don't want to take them as scheduled. Faith didn't take her 1:00 nap, but she fell asleep in my lap around 5:30 pm.

Sledding down the hill WEEEEEEE!!


Angel said...

I think they do probably still need naps. You've had such a good schedule with them though. I put Paige down for a nap with a movie in at 1:00 when I have her. (got that from you..LOL). She will sometimes watch a whole movie and THEN fall asleep though. I just make her lay down. I think mine all took naps until about 4 yrs old.
WOW... SO much snow. I haven't seen the white stuff in years! And I am HAPPY about that!

LOCnHEART said...

I think Faith's boots are on the wrong feet! :)

Purple Patti said...

Yeah I was gonna say that too LOL Faith's boots are backwards. LOL.
But yeah, we have more snow this year then we have had in forever. Quite frankly, I am a little sick of snow and cold. I am FREEZING!!!but it is so pretty and calming. Wish we had hills in DE to sled on. You know De we are so dam flat here. BTW, LOVE Zach new facebook profile picture.