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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Filled my Plate for the Weekend!!

Oh my, my weekend is filled to the rim! And changed around a bit too. Looks like I will not be at Church tomorrow:( I will miss my little Church babies. Oh and the wonderful message too:)

I am working some OT today and tomorrow. I am also going out tonight to see my brother-in-law rock the house with Gonzo's Nose once again!! IF the roads are not too too bad that is. I am not putting myself in danger. And tomorrow after work, I am going to go see my brand new baby 2nd cousin!!! My cousin Devon had a baby boy on her bathroom floor!! YEP! It is such an amazing story. She was in labor, went to the hospital and per her jerk of a drs orders was sent home to wait until her contractions were 5 minutes apart. So, she waited and tried to rest on some blankets and pillows on her bathroom floor. Why there? I am not sure. I guess her instincts thought the baby might come out or maybe she wanted to be close to the toilet. Don't know. Well her contractions stayed 10 min apart and went from that to feeling like one forever lasting contraction. She said she was screaming into a stuffed animal (to try and not wake her twin girls). She scratched the walls, baseboards, floors until her fingernails CAME OFF!!!!! No kidding, this is real life people. Around 4:30 am, her dad heard the screams and came in to check on her. By then she had gotten up into a squatting position. She told her Dad (yelled more like it) that the baby was coming and to call 911. She felt the baby coming and she was in so much pain that she knew she HAD to get him out so she pushed HARD and he came out onto the soft bedding she had been lying on. She told her dad to get some towels, a nasal aspirator and a string. He brought her towels and the sucky thing first and she wiped her non-crying baby and used the aspirator to suck the fluid out of his nose and mouth. Her dad soon showed up with a clean pair of shoelaces from a new pair of shoes he had. She tied off the umbilical cord. The EMTs showed up and gave the baby oxygen. Devon said there was what looked like gallons of tomato sauce all over the bathroom floor and splattered on the walls!! GABRIEL THOMAS (such a sweet name!!) finally started to cry in the ambulance. The drs and nurses were impressed with Devon and all of her knowledge! They told her that many accidental home births don't make it because people don't know to tie off the cord. Devon is so smart and "nerdy" as she put it to me, she read so many books on giving birth! Gabriel Thomas is now home and I hear he is the best sweetest baby!

Ok, so it is now HOURS later than when I started this. Work was way too busy to blog or even eat lunch:) Since then, 4 inches of snow has accumulated and it is still falling. I decided not to go out and I was sad about it, but then heard they cancelled. WHEW!! I don't feel so bad now:)

We are going to make home made pizzas tonight and go to bed early. I am keeping my plans for tomorrow to work and visit little Gabriel. Can't wait!
OH and don't forget.. potty training! I feel like I have 2 human water balloons walking around about to pop at any time. Faith has been so awesome!! She likes using the potty! I lost count of how many times she had gone in the potty. (no #2 yet tho) Brandon, however, just doesn't go in the potty. But he goes every where else! It is so frustrating:( I might be extra frustrated as I have been awake for 18 hrs now! I will be snoring tonight:)

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

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Purple Patti said...

Wow that is amazing about Devon giving birth by herself. How brave she was. Tell her I said Congrats. And I know Rocky was a proud grandpa.
Maybe you should focus on one of the kids at a time instead of trying to do both together. Since Faith is doing good, maybe you can get her done and then you can focus on Brandon and give them each individual attention. I don't know, I never had twins but it may help. It is better to be calm and praising then to be frustrated and crazy. They feel that. And he may not be quite ready at this exact moment.
Just a thought. Trying to help. Love ya.