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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snowy Days

Like a lot of the East Coast, the DC area was dumped with at least 2 ft of snow. What fun!! The entire area shut down. Our Church closed so we met via live webcast which was kinda cool! By Monday, roads were plowed and travel was easy. (according to Scott, I have yet to leave the house) Yet, they closed school for the WEEK!! Early winter break! 2 weeks of winter break! Zach is SNOW happy! (I had to throw that in somewhere)

WHEW! It was a big job, but Faith shoveled us out:)


HaHa...Zach is wearing MY boots! He doesn't have any boots of his own and we wear the same size now!

My BFF is Angel and now my husband is an Angel. I am surrounded by Angels!

Can you tell how much I love winter?? Yeah, I don't.

The kids LOVE the snow and that's all that matters:)

Zach wiped out

I finally got a handle of the fireplace and now I want a fire every evening!! Scott keeps telling me to save some logs for Christmas and family gatherings, AS IF I can't just go buy more?? HA!
I spent last Sat eve lying in front of the fp listening to my IPOD. LOVE IT!
Merry Christmas to me! Thanks hunny bunny for buying the grate and box of logs (the environmentally safer logs) This is the best gift!

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Katie said...

Look how much fun they had! I bet Zach is still in "snow heaven", although, we don't have too much of the white stuff left over here. How about you? Maybe some more soon-- but not for me to go out and play in! I'm with you-- like the days off of my job, but not going out and "having fun" while cold and wet! ;)