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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Twins Make their Own Schedule

What happened to our daily scheduled nap time?? Lately, they don't sleep!! Sometimes I think they are finished with the naps, they have just reached the "no nap" age, but that's not true!! Whenever they don't take their 1:00 nap, they always end up falling asleep around 5 pm or after! NOT GOOD! Not following a schedule prevents Mommy from getting any sleep for her night shift! This turns Mommy into a MEAN MONSTER!

He fell asleep mid lick! BTW - that is one of those "Litttle Colds" cough/throat drop lolli pops. I don't just feed my kids candy all the time:)

On a side note, when they ARE well rested, they are just the CUTEST little things and I can't help from dropping everything just to SQUEEEEEZE them and nibble on their chunky cheeks!! Goochy goochy goo, Muah! Muah! Muah!


Blasé said...

You and yours have a safe, wonderful, and hearty Christmas! xo

Angel said...

HI there and Merry Christmas! I haven't been able to reach you. Hope you had a great Christmas. We've been having a great, food, get the picture. We also went and bought the rest of our Christmas presents so look for your package sometime soon after the kids leave. :-( J & M will be leaving on Tuesday and Alli arrives on Tuesday. Then B & A leave for GA on the 1st. Love ya!

Katie said...

I'm feeling it, too-- some days no naps at all and others 2 1/2 hours. What the...? But I just ordered new blackout curtains and will hope and PRAY those naps aren't up just yet!!! ;)