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Friday, December 18, 2009

Once Apon a Time...

In a kingdom far, far away known as Molasses, there lived a royal family of 5 in a beautiful castle. The castle had a royal fireplace that had never been used. Queen Penelope wanted so bad to have a fire in the fireplace. But, they didn't have to proper tools to accommodate. King Scoot wanted his Queen to be happy so he took his royal family out to buy the proper fireplace tools and some logs.

Alas! Their first fire was started. Prince Landon and Princess Fate were mesmerized by it's beauty.

King Scoot and Prince Zap joined the young Prince and Princess in front of the warm glow.

Queen Penelope was VERY happy!

Hmmm, but what's that smell?? It smells as though smoke is inside the castle. Suddenly, the smoke detector goes off. Queen Penelope had thought she opened the flue. She did feel a cold draft after all. Now, there wasn't so much smoke that it was unbearable, but the smoke detector was a bit annoying.

Smoke started to quickly fill the castle. King Scoot said "I must put this fire out"!
And he poured water on the fire. Now dark grey smoke bellowed out of the fireplace into a dark cloud that filled the upstairs. Queen Penelope quickly took the kids downstairs to the basement where they could still breathe. King Scoot said "I must get these burning logs out of here"! And he put on some oven mits to pick up the burning logs. Queen Penelope shouted "NO NO NO", but there is no stopping the King. He picked up a smoking log and started to carry it through the royal family room when it burst into flames right in his hands! Queen Penelope watched in horror. Big glowing red ashes fell all over the rug and hardwood floor as King Scoot rushed out the back door. King Scoot yelled at the Queen to get some water. Queen Penelope thought the King already had a bucket of water prepared and asked where the water was. The King replied "BEEP BEEP BEEP BIPPITY BEEP SINK"!!!!!!
The Queen rushed to the sink to get some water, the King also rushed to the sink to get water. The King brought his water out to the deck, passing all the glowing balls on the floor of the royal family room. He wanted to put out the actual little fire that was now on the deck while the Queen thought their first priority should be the glowing balls on the floor inside, before the royal Christmas tree or royal couch went up in flames!

So, the Queen dumped her water all over the floor

While the King dumped water on the fire.
The young Princes and Princess remained downstairs. The King and Queen opened every window and door to the castle to let all the smoke out. Neighbors in the kingdom asked if they were ok. The Queen was embarrassed. King Scoot examined the fireplace and saw exactly how the flue should have been opened. He asked his lovely wife to come over and take a look. As the Queen looked up inside the fireplace, she stated "I can't see a thing"! And just then ......

POOF!! There was another fire! (no kidding)
The King and Queen were amazed by the power of God. (well the Queen was amazed)
Since the flue was NOW open all the way, they decided to let this remaining log burn in the fireplace as it should. They let the children out of the dungeon and bundled them up in the now freezing cold castle.

All were happy again!

Queen Penelope and her sweet royal family can now look forward to having many beautiful warm fires in their fireplace on all the cold winter nights ahead!

The End


Anonymous said...

Wow!! You should be a writer! ;) I'm glad you are all ok and everyone is safe and sound.

Angel said...

You are too much! And now you can look back and laugh. Please make this a scrapbook page. :-)
GREAT story! I can see a castle on your page!

Purple Patti said...

OMG!!! You were so lucky that you were all in the room when it started to go crazy. That would have been a disaster. Sorry you had to experience that Peg. Glad you got it all under control. Dang, I bet that was scarry.

Katie said...

Peggy (or is it Queen Penelope)-- that is perhaps the FUNNIEST post ever! I am literally cracking up! But I guess it's good I can laugh now even though that was a pretty scary thing. Are your floors and carpet okay?

We have a wood burning fp that was converted to gas with gas logs. I want the wood-burning back b/c that's what I grew up having. So, I am having some "fireplace envy" of you, even if you have a smoky house with burnt floors. he he he he he ;)