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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Church Christmas Photo

We went to the "Bud Bash" on Sunday evening which was our Church Christmas party. It was called the Bud Bash because the Church has been in the process of buying an old Budweiser plant to turn into our new Church home! They finally signed the contract recently so we had a Christmas party in the new building. (which at this time is still a large cold warehouse) As a gift, professional photos were offered. We had ours done right away knowing that Brandon wouldn't let us stay long. Brandon and Faith both had a roll in their hand which they stole from the buffet table prior to dinner being served! I have a funny expression cause I am talking to the twins trying to tell them to smile. As for Zach.. I don't understand his expression. I think he is going for the "cool" look. Well, it was fun! The party was fun. We had to leave right after eating as Brandon was ready to go. He runs the show these days!

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