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Friday, October 23, 2009

Zach in the News!!

Funny thing... I never read those local weekly newspapers everyone gets in their mailboxes. Yesterday, however, I did something different. The kids were playing outside so I checked the mail to see if there was anything interesting for me to look at as I sat outside. I was looking for store flyers or catalogs. The only thing to read was our local paper. So I decided to sit on the step and read about our town. I saw an article about "oreo day" at my son's school. I remember Zach telling me about oreeo day. It was an experiment to see how many oreos could be stacked.. or something like that. Well, I guess each class throughout the day did something different. In Zach's class, the teacher had the students create art work with the oreos..using the creme middle as the glue. As I am reading the article, I see my son's name! WOW! Zach never mentioned any one from the paper there interviewing students! If we ask how his day was, we here "good". What did you do today? "nothing". I guess those are typical responses from kids this age:)

To think, we may have thrown the paper away without ever reading it! I think I will read our local paper for now on as I also learned of some fun activities in the area that I can take the kids to.

Have a good weekend!!

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Blasé said...

I've been telling you all along....that Zach has got-it-going-ON!