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Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Costumes Arrived...

I wanted so bad to dress up all the kids and take a nice picture. Didn't happen. Unfortunately, I had tried on Zach's gorilla mask when the box arrived. That was stupid. Brandon saw me and freaked out, ran into my office and stayed in the corner crying. Luckily Faith didn't see, I think I may have had a bad reaction from her as well. After seeing the Gorilla mask, Brandon wanted NOTHING to do with his wolf costume!! I could not get him to try it on. Faith wouldn't even try on her Little Red Riding Hood costume. And that's just a cute dress! Were they just being stubborn? Zach would have been happy to try on his Gorilla costume, but I told him not to in front of the twins. I tried the make the wolf costume seem less scary by calling it a doggy. Faith liked this, and although she wouldn't try on her dress, she wanted to wear the doggy costume.

See? Not so scary.

So, I tried to get Brandon to wear the red hood. He didn't like that either.
OR maybe this picture is saying. "You are not Grandma! You are a mean ol Wolf!"

The end of our day yesterday. See all the toys every where? Yeah. That is the end of EVERY day. ( and the beginning and middle) Zach passed out as early as 8:00 and Brandon was ready to pass out soon after this picture. Faith is probably jumping around some where. I wish I could bottle her energy. I have been worried about Zach. For the past 3 days he has been napping and falling asleep 2 hours before his bedtime! He has had a cough and a small sore throat lately, but no fever or anything else. I guess his body needs this extra sleep.

What to do this weekend? Ah, well.. I think we are having company tonight. I have to make sure before I clean and spend $$ on drinks and munchies.

Sunday is Church then after Church I am taking the kids to a Brew Fest. Hahaha! I know, that is strange. "After Church today we are going to a Beer Fest"! Well, Gonzo's Nose is playing and this is the perfect opportunity for Zach to see his Uncle Mike in concert! (with GN, he has seen him with the Navy Band several times) They usually play at bars, so without an outdoor public event like this, Zach's chances of seeing them are slim. So, I bought myself a designated driver ticket and the kids will get in for free. They have a whole family fun section for the kids with a moonbounce, rock climbing walls, face painting, etc.. so I think they will all have fun.

Monday, Zach is off from school. I want to take the kids to go get a pumpkin. I may take them to one of those fun places with the slide, maze and hay ride.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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