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Friday, October 23, 2009

A Visit from Australia

One of my very good friends, Christina, moved away to Australia a couple years ago. She has come back to the states to visit a few times. This was the first time I got to meet her daughter! What a cute and happy little girl:) Christina and I met years ago at Cable & Wireless. The same company where I met Scott:) We were scheduled to work on Saturdays together. What a GREAT crew we had on Saturdays. It was me, Christina and Scott! LOL So often, I wouldn't have a baby sitter for my son Zach so I would just bring him in on Saturdays. Christina was always so good to Zach. She brought in kids movies to watch, candy and other special treats for Zach. She loved kids! Christina got married in 2005 and Zach and I attended her celebration. Scott had to work that day. Soon after, Chsristina moved away to Australia. She just happened to be in the US visiting on OUR wedding day so she attended our celebration as well! I saw Christina again after the twins were born and while she was pregnant with her little one. And that was the last time! It was so nice to finally meet her daughter.

Just look at this sweet little girl! She is as cute as a button.
Hopefully, Christina and her "mini me" will be back Saturday night to visit some more.

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