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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Double DooDee

Potty training in action!! Funny thing, I see Angel posted a comment on another post saying I wouldn't post "potty" pictures. LOL! Oh yes I would. Sadly, I haven't been very aggressive with potty training. I thought Faith would be my potty star since she lets me know when she is wet or poopy. Well, no. She hates to sit on the potty! She sat on that little potty long enough for me to take a picture, then she brought me her diaper and got on the floor so I could put it on. Brandon, however, will sit on the potty for a while and look at some books. Still nothing though:( I think we are going to bite the bullet and spend the extra money for pull ups. Soon. Then I will have them sit on the potty several times a day until they do it!

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