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Friday, September 4, 2009

My Husband Rocks ~ Til Death Do Us Part

We currently know 5 couples that are getting a divorce. That is a pretty high number! We don't know that many people. At the moment, I am pretty close to someone going through a divorce as she is staying in our basement. I feel emotionally involved. I am not taking any "sides". I would LOVE to see them get back together. I encourage counseling and I pray for them. I can not do much more.
According to this site, the current divorce rate in this country is around 50 %. Second and third marriages are even higher! I am on my 2nd marriage now. I pray that this marriage stays strong. I will do anything to keep this family together. I know a lot of people are feeling stress and hardship from our economy today, and I am sure this only makes our divorce rate go up.
I love and respect my husband. I pray that I will always be the wife he wants me to be!


Blasé said...

I have no doubt that you are the wife he wants/needs you to be!

Sarah Bee said...

I hear you! Just the fact that you are not willing to give up is going to help you greatly!

I pray blessings over your marriage, you are not a statistic! =]

Angel said...

Divorce is sad, huh? I know a few myself that are going through it. But, you are a good wife and I think your marriage will stay strong. Meeting eachother half way is key.
23 years and counting.... :-)