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Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Recap

I worked all weekend, so the weekend went pretty fast for me. It went by just as my week days do ... I nap from 1 to 4 then go back to bed at 9 for work. That makes a day go by FAST!! I still had a nice weekend:) Saturday we took the kids to a playground to tire them out for nap time.

The playground could no longer hold their attention when they could hear and see a train in the distance. They LOVE trains!!!
Sunday I took the kids to Church. Service was AWESOME! Sometimes the message really speaks to me and my personal lifestyle. After Church was nap time as usual, and then my wonderful Mother in Law called to invite us over to pick up our bday gifts:) Scott's and my bdays are coming up and are just 5 days apart. We drove to pick up my MIL and went to On the Border for dinner. Dinner was good and my MIL had given us some new clothes for our birthdays. Perfect timing as my best friend and her family are coming to visit next weekend! It's always nice to have something new to wear:)

Zach has not been the easiest child to deal with this summer. I think it is his age. He does not appreciate things. We just can not make the boy happy! He complains every day. He wants, he gets, and he complains about it.

I decided that it would do Zach some good to miss us...maybe be a little home sick! So, he will be going to stay with his grandparents in the boonies of WV for a week. No bike, scooter, pool, video games, playgrounds, friends... Oh joy! :) I know he will enjoy will be a nice break from his siblings and his daily chores. He loves his grandparents dearly and says their house is the best place on earth! He is excited and I am glad, but I give him 3 days before he is asking to come home:) I will also miss him very much.

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