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Friday, July 10, 2009

My Husband Rocks ~ My Partner, My Helper

It's been a few weeks since I have done a MHR post. Not because my husband hasn't rocked, but because I have been a slacker:) The last 2 weeks alone my hubby has been so wonderful! As always, he is a wonderful father. We transitioned from cribs to toddler beds. Scott and I put together Brandon's bed as a team. It was hard! Assembly was NOT easy as the box said. I was not looking forward to assembling Faith's bed. To my surprise, Scott assembled her bed himself while the kids and I were out one morning. In addition, he disassembled their cribs and removed them from their room. What a relief to not have to attack that big project on my list! Another day I was doing laundry and there was a terrible burning rubber smell in the laundry room. I had been complaining that our washer was "not right" since the tile contractor had connected it back when he was finished with the floors. The water was HOT no matter what temp I had it on. The day it smelled like burning rubber, I was almost in tears thinking it was broken. Scott fixed it and my washer is as good as new:) (it really is new being only 1 year old this month!)
Scott continues to spend his mornings off with us as a family, going to the pool, the park or wherever the day brings us. He signed Zach up for personal swim lessons - a concern that has been over our heads. We have tried group lessons, but personal one on one lessons are going to be much more effective! Tonight I made my honey his favorite dinner in honor of MHR Fridays. You rock babe!

Sitting with Faith during fireworks

At the pool


Blasé said...

Hubby's 'got-it-going-ON!

I just noticed IPeter 3:1 on the side bar ..Brave!

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