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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Hot Day

Gotta love summer! I like to take the kids out during the coolest parts of the day...but in July and August, there are no cool parts of the day! It is still between 85 and 90 after 5 pm. I brought the kids outside to play before dinner. I think they had a good time. The sun helps to tire them out and we didn't have any problem getting them to go to sleep tonight! Not once did I have to tell them to get back in bed. Of course, I am not talking about Zach. But maybe I should be including him because he fell asleep on the couch which is a no no on a week night. (house rule)

Brandon played in the large area of dirt we still have in our front yard! What an eye sore. We have to tackle it soon. I think we have agreed to buy seed instead of sod to save $$$.

Brandon really had fun. I am so glad because he usually wants to run down the sidewalk and I end up chasing him. He did run away a couple times, but he mostly stayed in the front of the house.

Faith discovered the hose. Watch out!

Here is Faith saying "Where's Daddy?" She was confused because he had been waving to her from the window upstairs. Each time she ran to the door as if he was going to open it. She talks A LOT now! I love to listen to her talk. She is making sense! Brandon is still struggling with talking and unfortunately, he gets really upset when we don't know what he wants. He still has his own lingo. For instance, if he wants us to change the tv program, he says "Uh see". What is that?? But we know "uh see" means he wants to see what else is on.
So now it's Tuesday. New movies come out today! We are Redbox fans. I will be getting 'Haunting in Connecticut' today. Zach and I will try to watch it early in the day (while it is light out and less scary) and the twins can play in the play room. After that, fun and laziness is over! Time to clean house for our company this weekend:) I only have 4 nights left of my 11 night working marathon. I am holding up rather well. I am very tired and a little moody. Not so bad! Poor Scott for having to put up with me. One day I am his silly wife that he laughs at and the next day (or the next minute) I am wifezilla. UGH sorry.
Well, back to work I go! Have a great Tuesday. Next Tuesday I will start doing my tackles again!

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